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17th of January 2019
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Business License
The division Businesses License receives and processes petitions:

  • to establish business in Aruba,
  • to change an existing license and,
  • to act as director of a Limited Liability Company.
According to the Ordinance on the establishment of businesses, everyone requires a license to establish a Limited Liability Company in Aruba. Besides this a foreigner needs a license to establish other types of businesses as well.
Businesses, in which no large investment is involved and no specific know-how is required, are reserved for local entrepreneurs. Furthermore, a director’s license is needed for the company’s foreign managing director.
A petition for a business license, a director’s license, to relocate a business or to change the objective of an established business in accordance with the “Establishment
Ordinance for Enterprises” has to be directed to the Minister of Economic Affairs, Social Affairs & Culture at the attention of the Director of the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry (DEACI), located in the 2nd floor of Sun Plaza Building, L.G. Smith Boulevard no. 160, Oranjestad, Aruba.

The legal representative has to fill out an application form, in the Dutch language. To be taken into consideration this petition should be submitted, together with a receipt stamp of AWG 4.00, a receipt of prepayment for the legal dues, and according to the guidelines, together with all the required documents, at abovementioned department.
As of September 1, 2009 (according Legesbesluit Directie Economische Zaken, Handel en Industrie 2009, AB 2009 no. 74, AB 2010 no. 104) it is required to pay the legal dues in advance to submission of petition. Without payment of the corresponding fees, the petition is not accepted.
The procedure for prepayment is as follows:
1. Present at the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce & Industry, with corresponding petition and necessary documents, to obtain a declaration to be able to make the payment.
2. You can pay immediately, at our office with your Bank Debit Card, or pay corresponding amount at your bank account on the bank account of the Department of Finance, or pay online with internet banking (confirmation received).
3. Present proof of payment at the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry for the processing of permit to initiate. 

When introducing the petition, the legal representative of the business has to give additional information on the application to be submitted.

As stated in the law, the Chamber of Commerce has an advisory task in this procedure and a similar invitation may also be received from the Chamber.

Only after mentioned interview(s) and after having received the advice of the Chamber of Commerce, the DEACI can make a decision regarding the petition.

For any additional information, please contact the helpdesk at 297- 5821181 ext. 276.