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17th of January 2019
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Investing in Aruba
One of the responsibilities of the Department is advising and contributing to investment policy formulation and monitoring international investment developments, for the purpose of a positive investment climate.
A. Sectors being promoted
The policy of the Government towards investment is to diversify the Aruban economy. The Government promotes services in all sectors and is focusing its attention in creation of a new economic pillar for the economy.
To create more dynamic for a third economic pillar, the government is focusing on several economic activities:
- Green Gateway
- Three zones-policy
   Barcadera Freezone
   Special Zones San Nicolas
   Green Zone
- Promote investments in Small and medium Enterprises
- Green energy sector
- Innovation and Science
- Sustainable development

-Green Gateway:
Aruba wants to position itself as a gateway in the region for European companies. Aruba presents itself as an attractive European post for institutions that want to have or use Aruba and Aruba's facilities, as being a steady basis for services and trade to and from Latin America.
-Three zones:
In the context of the program BoAruba the traditional free zone and the container port will jointly be moved from the port area Oranjestad to Barcadera. Immediately adjacent to the new port an area is reserved for establishment of businesses. Businesses there can among other things, benefit from the free zone tax regime. With the development of Barcadera area the energy sector and the financial sector (banks and accountants) will be involved.
  Special Zones San Nicolas
To promote economic activities in and around San Nicolas, the government has, in anticipation of the discussion of a bill in parliament of Aruba, announced a favored policy for San Nicolas. The intention is to encourage labor-intensive enterprises such as in the retail branch to open a business, in the Special Zone of San Nicolas, under favorable conditions, where they can cover the local market.
  Green Zone
Companies that focus on renewable energy, developments in the field of sustainability and alternative energy can establish in the Green Zone. For the Green Zone a land is reserved at Eagle where a high-tech business park is being developed. The Green Zone is associated with large projects like Green Corridor, the new cruise and container ports, Ring Road III and modernization of Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospitaal. With the development, different sectors will be involved such as hotels, utility companies and the construction industry.
 *Enhancing sectors
Government is also focusing on putting further attention on enhancing sectors already initiated in previous years, and in this way supporting the economic activity even more with Innovation & science and with Sustainable Development.
- Innovation & Science
In the past four years, the foundation was laid, to continue developing as a country, into a center for the region and South America. With the realization of a number of sustainable energy projects, the establishment of TNO, the start of the Smart Community project and organizing the Green Conferences and programs like Green's Cool, a development is put into motion for the years 2013 and on, that will lead to a large number of initiatives which will give Aruba the name as "Center of Innovation". (TNO is a Netherlands organization for Applied Scientific Research)
In the period 2013-2017 government will focus on:
- The development of a consistent national innovation policy plan for Aruba
- Encouraging innovation not only in business but everywhere in Aruba
- The actual increase in the number of companies that do innovation
- Creating an environment in which Research and Development (R&D) is stimulated
- Embedding of Research and Development in academic and higher vocational education in Aruba
- Mobilizing funds for investment in innovation
Sustainable Development
In the next four years Aruba will continue the transition to a sustainable society. Instead of following the course of events with indifference, an inviting perspective is needed, that make people and their organizations turn to take action themselves. The first step is already taken. In our society the discussion on a sustainable organization is launched. The government will provisionally take the lead in developing green initiatives.
In the coming years will be tapped with more emphasis into citizens initiatives. We shall thereby have to arrange policies with a better dosage. It is the task of the responsible minister to determine conditions: organizing participation for energy and sustainability projects, developing arrangements in which costs and benefits can be enjoyed by the citizens, honoring of own initiative; long-term consistency of policy, setting ambitious standards and creating a basis for policy.


Political stability

Aruba has a politically stable parliamentary system.
Strategic location
Aruba is strategically located to serve the international business between South America, the United States, and Europe with direct sea and air connections.


Aruba has modern physical facilities with good roads and up to date utilities.
It has a modern and well developed communication infrastructure.

Educated, Multilingual workforce

Aruba has an educated, multilingual and friendly workforce. Education is based on the Dutch educational system.
Dutch Judicial System
Aruba’s judicial system, which has been derived mainly from the Dutch system, operates independently of the legislative and the executive powers. Jurisdiction, including appeal, lies with the Common Court of Justice of Aruba and the Supreme Court of Justice in the Netherlands.

Quality of Life
Aruba has a quality of life featured by a high standard of living, modern and with all kinds of amenities and services, while maintaining an informal life style in a tropical and safe environment.

With the exception of 2001, 2002, 2009 and 2010, Aruba has experienced an economic growth for the last 25 years.
After double digit growth rates during the late 1980s, the Aruban economy has settled to a more moderate pace. The nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2011 is US$ 2,584 (Afl. 4,626) million, while GDP in real terms increased 0.3%. Nominal GDP per capita amounts to US$ 25,162 (Afl. 45,041).

In order to maximize economic opportunities, the Government policy is primary focused on international developments. As a result, the most dynamic sectors of the economy are tourism, international trade and finance.
In Aruba, there is a well-established legislation in force, which has created an investment friendly environment through a combination of tax policies.

Promoting quality and capital intensive investments directed towards export coupled with limited labor force requirements, that can be met locally by technically highly skilled manpower, are the major thrusts of the Government policy.

In essence the economic policy aims to create high-level employment, transfer technology, control inflation, strengthen Aruba's financial and monetary foundation, increase productivity, distribute income equitably and substantially improve social conditions.

Moreover, public investments are continuously taking place in order to maintain the physical infrastructure. The airport facilities have been expanded, while the water and electricity plant and the telecommunication facilities are also being upgraded regularly to ensure the required levels of service and efficiency.

We look forward to your decision to become a part of our business community.
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