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17th of January 2019
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Economic Policy Implementation

The division “Economic Policy Implementation” is responsible for the policy according to the “Price Ordinance” (Prijzenverordening AB 1991 no. GT 17) particularly in the area of prices and tariffs of goods and services.

On the basis of the Price Ordinance, some products pertaining to the first necessities of life are determined by the government for whole sale as well as for detail prices.
Daily control is exercised at supermarkets in compliance with the calculated controlled basic products. At the same time control is exercised on the requirements concerning price indication of these goods. Within this framework inspections are also carried out on the development of prices and if necessary the results of these also are published. Also proposals concerning control of price development are done.

The selling prices of the following petroleum products: petrol, gas-oil and kerosene are calculated by the government. At the beginning of each month the calculated selling prices are adjusted to the international price development. In addition, the selling prices for LPG for domestic use are also controlled by the government.

The premium for third party liability of motor vehicles are determined according to the Price Ordinance. Inspections on the tariffs of other kinds of services also can be carried out.

Goods listed in the “Public Decree, goods’ import license” (Landsbesluit invoervergunningen goederen), for the execution of article 4 of the “Ordinance Import and Export” (Landsverordening In- en Uitvoer) can only be imported by means of an import license. This import license is granted after compliance with the different requirements according to the Ordinance.

Local produced chicken eggs have the advantage of the market protection policy according to the afore-mentioned Ordinance Import and Export. According the “Decree import prohibition on chicken eggs”, it is prohibited to import chicken eggs. Exemption on this prohibition is granted in case of shortage of local production.

According to the “Ordinance Business Hours” (Landsverordening Winkelsluiting), it is prohibited for a store being open for the public during certain times. Exemption on this prohibition can be granted.