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17th of January 2019
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Economic Policy & Dev. Cooperation
Considering the need for economic transformation towards sustainable economic development, the vision of the Minister of Economic Affairs is to strategically position Aruba as:
The Green Gateway: a knowledge- driven, entrepreneurial economy
The mission of the Minister of Economic Affairs for achieving sustainable economic development is to:
Utilize Aruba’s unique socio- economic resources, and geo- political position within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, to create the economic conditions and capabilities through which:
-          Smart and sustainable economic development can take place, fostered by knowledge and innovation,
-          Both public and private sectors contribute to a healthy economic landscape, fostered by resource- efficiency and knowledge-based partnership,
-          Aruba’s competitive position is strengthened within the region, enabled by international trade and information technologies,
-          Shared prosperity and improved socio- economic quality of life for all citizens is achieved and sustained.
These foregoing conditions will be known by all so that synergies on all fronts can be achieved and will result in:
-          Human Capital, high capital job creation, education and workforce equity,
-          Resource- efficient industry productivity, and growth,
-          Micro- entrepreneurship and robust Small Medium Enterprise (SME) development,
-          Improved trade, foreign and local investment activity,
-          Underscored by a strong and confident consumer base.