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17th of December 2018
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Doing Business

The policy of the Government towards investment is to diversify the Aruban economy. The Government primarily promotes services in all sectors and is focusing its attention in creation of a new economic pillar for the economy. Areas being focused on are:

- Green Gateway

- Three zones-policy (Barcadera Freezone, Special Zones San Nicolas, Green Zone)

- Promote investments in Small and Medium Enterprises

- Green energy sector

- Innovation and science

- Sustainable development

Please refer to our the page Investing in Aruba for further info. 

A person not born in Aruba, and not having the Dutch nationality needs an establishment license to do business in Aruba. Furthermore, a director’s license is needed for each of the company’s foreign managing directors. Applications thereto must be directed to the Minister of Economic Affairs. Businesses that do not require large capital investment or specific know-how, are reserved for local entrepreneurs.

A person not born in Aruba, but nationalized Dutch as a Dutch Citizen in Aruba does not require a business license to establish and/or operate a business in Aruba.