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17th of December 2018
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Aruba does not have a natural source of fresh water and rainfall is limited. Aruba's population of 100,000 inhabitants plus the more than 1,000,000 tourist who visit annually, have access to sufficient drinking water which in quality and taste can compete with any other water in the world.
For more than 70 years, WATER- EN ENERGIEBEDRIJF ARUBA N.V. (WEB) has been responsible for the production of Aruba's drinking water and power.
W.E.B. Aruba N.V. generates electricity, and produces drinking and industrial water through the reverse osmosis process. This process is for the desalination of seawater, which Aruba has in abundance from the Caribbean Sea.
The water distribution network of W.E.B. Aruba N.V. covers our entire island, which is exceptional, compared to the majority of countries in our region. Our water distribution network consists of predominantly cement- lined ductile iron pipes. W.E.B. Aruba N.V. has a registered client base of more than 39,000 and supplies drinking water to more than 7,000 hotel and 4000 timeshare rooms, each consuming an average of 1 metric ton of water per day.  In addition, an average of 170,000 tons of drinking water per year is supplied to Aruba's cruise tourism industry. During the last decade, W.E.B. Aruba N.V. has invested approximately 250 million dollars to upgrade, modernize, and expand its water production and electricity generation by installing additional boilers, a desalination unit, modern automated control systems, and a new turbine generator. An integral part of these advancements has been the development of its personnel.


Electricity is produced by the Water- en Energiebedrijf Aruba (WEB) N.V. The total power generating capacity of WEB N.V. amounts to 149 megawatts.

WEB N.V. delivers electricity to the distribution company N.V. Electriciteit-Maatschappij Aruba (Elmar). Electricity is supplied at a 60-Hertz frequency, and at 127 and 220 volts.  Both WEB N.V. and N.V. Elmar are independently managed companies residing under Government-owned holding company Utilities Aruba N.V.
Consumption of electricity has increased since 1986 from 219,000 MWh to 789,581 MWh in 2010. This increase has been managed by a comprehensive and adequate electricity distribution network, which is continuously upgraded.

   20052006 2007 2008 20092010 
Generation(MWh) 910,466 909,512 935,976 913,607  924,318 940,240
Consumption(MWh) 759,336761,635 781,073 764,291 773,909  789,581

Source: CBS

Elmar has 6 general electric rates, depending on the need of the customer, to calculate one’s electric bill: Rate A, B, C, AC, D, and special rates. 
Rates are a combination of Energy Charges + Fuel Surcharge.
A fuel surcharge per consumed KWh must be added to the energy tariffs. This fuel surcharge is subject to change and varies with the market price of oil.
The different rates A to D can be observed on the website www.elmar.aw  
Potable industrial water is produced from seawater by the Water- en Energiebedrijf Aruba (WEB) N.V., the world's second largest desalination plant. The water produccion is ISO 9001 certified. The total installed desalination capacity of the water plant units is 42,000 metric tons per day. Average daily consumption in 2010 was about 32,184 metric tons.
  2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 
 Premises connected 33,62634,905 35,989 36,824 37,973 38,857  39,424
 Delivered quantities (x 1000m3)  13,12213,521 13,530 13,843  13,11912,835  11,747

Tariffs for consumption increase incremental.
- Tariffs for commercial use:  
- Tariffs for domestic use:  
The tariffs are subject to change and varies with the market price of oil. For tariffs plaese visit www.webaruba.com

WEB Aruba N.V.
Balashi 76
tel: 297 525 4600
fax: 297 585 7681
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Website: www.webaruba.com


Gas is supplied by one privatly owned company, which is, the Aruba Gas Supply Company Ltd. (ARUGAS). The propane gas is delivered in cylinders of 100 lbs, which remain the property of the ARUGAS. A deposit of Afl. 100 per cylinder is required.

- Afl. 80.50 per cylinder for commercial purposes
- Afl. 42.00 per cylinder for domestic purposes

Instead of having gas delivered in cylinders of 100 lbs, tanks of 60, 120, 250, 500, 900 or 1000 gallons can be purchased or leased. A tank truck refills these tanks regularly.

- Afl. 0.915 per liter for commercial use
- Afl. 0.470 per liter for domestic use
* Tariffs are subject to change. For current prices contact:

Aruba Gas Supply Co Ltd (Arugas)
Barcadera z/n
tel: 297 585 1198
fax: 297 585 2187