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17th of December 2018
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The airport of Aruba, named “Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix”, is operated by Aruba Airport Authority N.V. Located adjacent to Oranjestad, it is served by a variety of scheduled airlines to several destinations, and is frequented also by an increasing number of charters. The airport offers a 9,000-foot, Category I Precision Approach runway, operating under the ILS system, and supported by modern radar equipment and an automation system for approach control and tower operations. 

The passenger accommodation facilities have undergone a major expansion and renovation in order to meet the requirements for the steadily increasing passenger traffic and to provide modern facilities for passengers including US customs and immigration services.
Featured are three integrated structures. One arrivals building and two buildings for outbound passangers. One destined for US-bound and the other for non-US-bound passengers. In the US-bound terminal, complete Federal Inspection Services (FIS) is provided. 

A linear concourse running parallel with the existing runway and taxiway unites the three terminals. The lower ground level is primarily for airport services, the second floor of the concourse is used solely for departing passengers, with US and non-US hold rooms located in separate and distinct areas. The third floor functions as a corridor for arrivals. Service is provided to all passengers through the use of eight loading bridges.

With the expansion and renovation, the airport is ready to meet a passenger demand of 2.6 million passengers per year. This is equivalent to 1,470 departing and 1,260 arriving passengers in a peak hour.

Besides the increase in passenger traffic, there is also a consistent development in air cargo. In addition, the airport has a world-class catering facility, serving local and long haul aircraft. To accomodate general aviation, there is a Fixed Based Operation (F.B.O.)/ General Aviation Terminal at the airport, with a separate General Aviation Ramp for Business Jet Operators. It has its own customs and immigration.
















2000 18,254 3,323   907,340   874,648203,751 1,985,739
2001 17,283 3,397   821,454   804,331174,952 1,800,737
2002 16,874 3,113   759,085   751,106153,662 1,663,853
2003  15,642 3,248   761,085   764,101  33,348 1,558,534
2004 17,866 2,752   875,021   846,901  27,857  1,749,779
 2005 16,270 2,928   860,212   840,849  12,762  1,713,623
 2006 16,842  3,224   810,322   797,842  30,582  1,638,746
 2007 17,177 3,722   896,605   885,618  33,528  1,815,751
 2008 18,563 4,368   967,710   947,387   58,462  1,973,559
 2009 18,939  4,998   906,644   924,828   88,476  1,919,948
 2010 19,097 4,382   919,281   939,359125,531  1,984,171 
 2011 19,225  4,493   980,544    992,501 115,976  2,089,021 
 2012 20,542  5,4711,020,731 1,034,814   65,033  2,120,578 
Source: CBS

Aruba Airport Authority (AAA) N.V.
Sabana Blanco
Phone: +297 5242424
Fax: +297 583 4229


Aruba has three seaports, Oranjestad, Barcadera and San Nicolas.

The port of Oranjestad, Aruba's container port and cruise ship terminal, is accessible to all types of vessels.
Container Berths: 1 Container berth, length 250m, Max. draft 9.75m. Total Container Terminal Area: 130,000m2.
Cruise Berths: 2 permanent Mega berths with Cruise Terminal each, 2 medium size berths sharing 3rd Cruise Terminal. Container quay is used when a 3rd mega cruise berth is needed.
Total Berthing space: 1241m+. ISPS & MTSA compliant. Bunkering and fresh water available.
The container terminal is in the planning to be moved to the Barcadera port.

Barcadera's port has a depth of 36 feet and 1,148 feet of docking space.
The Aruba Ports Authority N.V. administers the ports of Oranjestad and Barcadera.

The Oil Refining Company administers the port of San Nicolas, hosting the oil terminals and the reef berths.

Total Harbor Calls > 50 BRT

Motor, steamships and sailing ships

Tankers and other cargo vessels

20002,387   331475
20011,918   298
20021,914   337375
20031,883   318464
 20061,512    955 557 
 20071,583    968615 
 20081,433    928 505 
 20091,618 1,069 549 
 20101,705 1200505 
 20112,098 1,568 530 
 20122,001 1,488 531 

Source: CBS Annual Statistics  

Connections worldwide
Direct shipping connections on a frequent basis are available from Aruba to the European and some Latin American countries by the major shipping lines. Furthermore, regional shipping connections are available, either direct or via transshipment.

Aruba Ports Authority (APA) N.V.
L.G Smith Blvd 23, Oranjestad
Phone: +297 582 6633
Fax: +297 583 2896

Ocean freight costs
Information on the various ocean freight costs can be obtained from the Aruba Stevedoring Company (ASTEC) N.V.

Charges* for containers among others, are:
 Local handling cost of US$ 245 and US$ 349 per container for a 20' and a 40' container
 -Terminal Utilization Charge (TUC) of US$ 115 and US$ 179 per container for a 20' and 40' container
 -35% Surcharge amounting to US$ 126 and US$ 185 per container for a 20' and 40' container respectively.

A handling cost* for a transshipment container amounts to US$ 79 plus a 35 percent surcharge, which equals US$ 27.
A special handling rate for containers is also applicable to industries which are established in the Aruba Free zone and export cargo to final destinations abroad. However, certain conditions or restrictions apply.
*subject to charge 

For more information on the various ocean freight costs and other types of cargo please contact:

Aruba Stevedoring Company (ASTEC) N.V.
Port Administration Building
L.G. Smith Boulevard 23, Oranjestad
Phone: +297 582 2558
Fax: +297 583 4570
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it