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17th of December 2018
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Commercial Sites

In Aruba most of the land is owned by the Government, which land cannot be purchased but can be obtained on a long lease term. Duration of the long lease agreement is 60 years and can be renewed for another 60 years when expired. The fee is 6% of the value of the land per year. In order to obtain a parcel of land in long lease, the interested party must secure an option contract. Option is granted for a period up to 6 months and the fee due per year amounts to 50 percent of the costs of a long lease. Extension of the option period is possible up to a maximum of 5 years, dependent on the size of the project.
A formal application must be submitted to the Minister of Infrastructure to obtain a specific parcel of land. This petition should contain data of the applicant and a description of the project. Of utmost importance is specific information on financing of the investment involved. Applicants should consider waiting time, due to the amount of requests.

Government offers different sites located in Eagle/ Bushiri, Barcadera and Balashi for industrial and commercial purposes.
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The Eagle/Bushiri area is available for commercial activities. This site is located in the vicinity of the Port of Oranjestad.

The Barcadera site, located in the industrial port area, covers 43 ha (106.3 acres) and allows for industrial activities. The site is located at a 3.5 km distance from the airport and 8.0 km from the port of Oranjestad.
The Government has long had an objective to move of the seaport and free zone activities to the Barcadera area. This is programmed for 2014/2015. 

The Balashi site covers 8.6 ha and allows for light industrial activities. This site is located 1.5 km from the industrial port.

The Government owns practically all land along the beaches. In areas along the hotels, sites have been designated for tourism auxiliary projects, such as recreational projects.


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