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17th of December 2018
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Entry Requirements

Persons planning to visit Aruba as a tourist may do so for a period not exceeding 30 days (exceptions provided hereunder) for the purpose of recreation, sports, health, family reasons, study, religious purposes or business must submit the following documentation:

• A valid travel document, which should be provided with a visa for Aruba in case it concerns a national, NOT mentioned in list A or B. The travel document must be valid for at least more than 3 months than the return travel date mentioned on the visitor’s ticket;
• The necessary documents for returning to the country of origin (valid permanent resident document);
• The visitor has to be able to show to the immigration officer (if so requested) that he has a valid reservation for an (hotel/appartment) accommodation in Aruba or that he has sufficient financial resources to provide in his cost of living during his stay;
• Return or onward ticket and other documents required for the next destination (visa etc.);
• A completely filled out and signed ED-Card which you will receive on the aircraft

Please note that travel insurance is presently being considered as a requirement.
Non-compliance with one of the above mentioned documentations might result in refusal of entry to Aruba.

For a detailed listing of citizen and country visa requirements
please click here to view PDF.

Working permit
All visitors wishing to work in Aruba must have a written permit from the Directorate of Alien Integration, Policy and Admission (DIMAS). Visitors are not allowed to be in paid employment by an Aruban employer while visiting Aruba as a tourist. Further information and application forms for written permits can be obtained free of charge at the DIMAS.

For more appointments please apply online:

Departamento di Integracion, Maneho y Admision di Stranhero (DIMAS)
The Directorate of Alien Integration, Policy and Admission 
Wilhelminastraat 31- 33
Oranjestad - ARUBA
Phone: +297 522 1500

Website:  www.dimasaruba.com