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17th of December 2018
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Fuel Prices
The maximum selling prices of the following oil products, petrol, gas-oil and kerosene are determined by the Government. Each month the calculated selling prices are adjusted to international quoted prices by means of a determined price structure by the ministry of Economic Affairs. As a base for the calculations, the quoted prices of the US Gulf Coast are employed as published in the Platt’s Oil gram. The adjusted selling prices are published monthly on the second Wednesday in the local press. For a list of the last published selling prices one is referred to "Feul prices publications" on the homepage. In addition, the maximum selling prices of domestic LPG gas (cooking gas) are also determined by the Government. The selling prices of this are adjusted on the basis of a request of the party(ies) concerned. For this all relevant data should be submitted in order to verify if the requested increase is legitimate. On the other hand the selling prices of commercial LPG gas are not regulated. Basically the merchants are free to calculate their own selling prices of this.

Applicable Regulations
(in dutch)
Same as or based on regulations of Price Control.