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17th of December 2018
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Fondo Desaroyo Arubano

Government investments Bo Producto Aruba
Restoration of Down Town (Oranjestad) and surroundings
The objectives of the project are the revitalization of the Main Street and improvement of the quality of life in the center of Oranjestad. This includes regulation, management, maintenance, beautification and a parking policy.
The private sector will play an important role in the operational management, maintenance of the buildings and in supporting the government to keep out drug addicts from the main street. The government intends to stimulate the establishment of restaurants, fountains, play areas and living in the main street, to attract the public and to develop day and night activities.
Historical Centre: Administrative officesAs part of an integral part of the revitalization of the center of Oranjestad, the facilities regarding the Ministers’ offices will be improved.
Civic Spine San NicolasThe government plans to revitalize San Nicolas, as the second city of Aruba, by firstly investing in infrastructure. The government will start with the renovation of the water tower through the monument fund. One of the aims is to make better use of the current government buildings in San Nicolas. It is expected that this will stimulate additional investments by the private sector.
Reparation/renovation of schoolsAccording to the education facilities report of the DOW of December 2009, different schools require urgent attention. Planned activities vary from construction of new buildings to different levels of maintenance of existing infrastructure.  
These investments will positively contribute to performance of the schools and the safety of the students.
Neighborhood Approach Through a strategic approach living conditions in various neighborhoods will be enhanced. Actions vary from recreation in the neighborhoods to safety. Special focus will be given to on the youth in order to lower school dropouts.  
Other projectsThere are several other investments taking place by means of the Multi-Annual Program MJP 06-09, that will be executed in 2011. This program includes projects for good governance, sustainable economic development, education, social sector and public health.


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