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17th of December 2018
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Iniciativa pa Desaroyo di Empresa Arubano (IDEA)
Iniciativa pa Desaroyo di Empresa Arubano


IDEA in English stands for Iniciative for the Development of Aruba Enterprises. Iniciativa pa Desaroyo di Empresa Arubano (in papiamento).

The goal of IDEA is to offer FREE help and extensive guidance, to the entrepeneur that wants to start a small business, who many times encounters different challenges such as basic business skills, access to credit, technology, marketing and the different existing regulations.

IDEA wants to provide information and assistance to the new starting business man, as well as to existing business man and to offer them guidance in developing innovative ideas to continue enhancing their business activities.

Every business has its risk and obligation. Most businesses have people (employees) in service. These employees must be educated in their occupation, so they can provide an optimal service. The major expenses of a business are its working equipment, such as truck, machines, office equipment, etc. All these aspects must be considered when opening a business.

IDEA will contribute to the formation of sustainable development in the business sector, to increase productivity and efficiency, and to have a strong and healthy labor market.

What is the advantage of having your own business?

Starting a business has many advanteges. You as owner decide for yourself:

- Where the business will establish

- Size of the business

- Working hours

- You are your own boss

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Meta di IDEA ta pa ofrece ayudo y guia extenso, GRATIS, na e comerciante cu kier cuminsa un negoshi chikito y cu hopi biaha ta topa cu diferente retonan manera conocemento basico di negoshi, acceso na credito, tecnologia, mercade y diferente regulacionnan existente.

IDEA kier duna informacion y asistencia, tanto na e comerciantenan nobo como na esunnan existente y pa duna nan guia den desaroya ideanan innovativo pa sigui engrandece nan actividadnan di negoshi.

Tur negoshi tin su riesgo y obligación. Mayoria negoshi tin hende den servicio. E hendenan aki mester wordu educa den cuadro di e trabo upa asina nan por duna un servicio optimal. E gasto mas grandi di un negoshi ta su ekipo di trabou, entre otro; truck, mashin, aparato pa oficina, etc.

Tur e aspectonan aki mester tene consideración cu ne ora di habri un negoshi.

IDEA Lo contribui na formacion di un desaroyo sostenibel riba tereno di negoshi y engrandece productividad y eficiencia pa por tin un mercado laboral fuerte y saludabel.

Kico ta e bentaha di tin bo propio negoshi?
Cuminsa un negoshi tin hopi bentaha. Bo mes como doño ta dicidi:

  • Unda e negoshi lo establece

  • Grandura di e negoshi

  • Orario di trabao

  • Bo ta bo propio hefe

 Pasa na nos oficina y nos lo yudabo.

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