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17th of December 2018
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Aruba Investment Agency (ARINA)

How can ARINA help you?

ARINA is committed to helping local and foreign investors get their businesses established in Aruba as swiftly and as easily as possible by:

  • Providing information to potential investors;

  • Advising and assisting potential investors on investment opportunities and policies;

  • Account Manager: Liaising through Government channels to facilitate timely consideration of investors’ proposal or request.

ARINA will work on the investors' behalf to make the client's vision a reality.

Ivestment Friendly Environment

Aruba’s economic policy fosters an open, market-driven economy, fuelled by excellent service sector, one of the most educated workforces and investment friendly environment. Especially the capacity of the community and the networks to support business expansion and the development of business opportunities is a key driving factor in the Aruban economy.

ARINA is structured to give the attention to the stimulation, coordination and facilitation of economic activities in order to assist the (further) growth of the business activities and the total economy of Aruba. This by “facilitating key investors in a timely fashion with the right information”.

“Boost economic activity, sustainable development, encourage local entrepreneurship”.

“To be a dynamic agency that is the official authority that works as a catalyst between the government and the business community for the attraction of direct investment and start-up of businesses as efficient and effective as possible, by initiating, stimulating, coordinating and facilitating the corresponding activities and processes.”

ARINA offers its services in helping the investors FREE OF CHARGE. Helping local and foreign investors get their businesses established in Aruba as swiftly and as easily as possible.

Aruba Investment Agency
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