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17th of December 2018
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Services Export-Oriented

Services compose a fast growing sector, having been made possible by means of the new free zone legislation enacted in 2001. Many types of services, with the exception of financial services, are possible. Opportunities lie in the area of medical clinics, technical services such as engineering, logistics, software development, green energy, research and development (R&D) and many more.

The Free Zone of Aruba is promoting niche markets, such as companies needing a distribution hub and high-tech companies and countries wanting to showcase their goods to prospective buyers, saving time and money on both sides. The free zone planning has taken expansion of all types of business into consideration; there are 100 hectares adjacent to the port and airport available for development.

All types of services geared towards foreign clients (excluding financial services) are allowed in the Free Zone, including services in the areas of:

Information, media and telecommunications

Creating, enhancing and storing information products in media, transmitting information products using analog and digital signals, and providing transmission services and/or operating the infrastructure to enable the transmission and storage of information and information products.

Professional, Scientific and technical

Scientific research, architecture, engineering, computer systems design, law, accountancy, marketing and advertising, market research, management and other consultancy, veterinary science, professional photography, etc.;

Administrative and support services

Sales and marketing, office administration, hiring and placing personnel for others, preparing documents, taking orders for clients by telephone, providing credit reporting or collecting services, arranging travel and travel tours, etc.

Other service activities

Besides the examples of service activities highlighted above, FZA is also focusing on attracting emerging business opportunities such as medical tourism and services in the fields of education and learning.

Faster internet speed, open source technology, cloud computing and the growth of socially interactive platforms (social media) enables creative and innovative new forms of service exports.