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17th of December 2018
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In compliance with international environmental standards, Aruba updates its environmental laws and policies to meet international standards and continue protecting the island as a healthy living environment and tourist destination.

The portfolios of Energy and Environment are housed within one ministry. The government recognizes the importance of living in a clean, healthy and safe environment. In line with these principles, the protection of the environment, will also take priority bearing in mind future generations. With the ongoing quality developments in public areas, an environmental sustainability policy, will preserve the quality of public spaces. Clean beaches, residential areas and nature reserves are invaluable for the economic growth of Aruba. Green initiatives will be promoted and encouraged. Awareness should be raised among all sections of the population in this field.

General guidelines on waste policy in Aruba will be tightened. In this approach Within this approach is also applicable a thorough enforcement policy in the environmental area and waste processing. The elimination of litter and management of bulky waste dumps will be dealt with in accordance with a structured procedure. The Waste-to-Energy Plant will in this context mean the modernization of processing waste in Aruba.

Parke Nacional Arikok covers 18% of surface of our island. The link between natural and renewable energy has become evident in the facilities of the park. The tourist value of the natural park and the possibility that it offers to enjoy the Aruban flora and fauna are great. The protection of the natural park will be strengthened against external physical factors.